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 ITV Productions - Testicular cancer

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PostSubject: ITV Productions - Testicular cancer   Wed Oct 08, 2008 1:25 pm

ITV Productions is producing a big new music special for ITV1 called Here
> Come The Boys
> The show features top male artists and bands such as Tom Jones, Seal,
> BOYZONE, Will Young and Enrique Iglesias
> The one-hour show will also help to raise awareness of testicular cancer
> through the use of celebrity fronted films and real life stories
> We have ten FREE tickets for the recording of the show on Sunday 19th
> October at The London
> Studios
> The show will be transmitted on Sunday 30th November at 9pm on primetime
> ITV1
> Tickets will be distributed in a totally random and undemocratic fashion
> to people who sound like they are REALLY keen and donít mind wearing a
> Bounce Your Balls t-shirt and trying desperately to get spotted on TV
> If this is you and you can definitely go on that day let us know soon. We
> are waiting confirmation of time but it will be afternoon or evening
> We are looking for teams of five to participate in the first ever Space
> Hopper football tournament to take place at Beach Blast 2008 in Brighton
> on Sunday 26 October (11 am Ė 3 pm)
> Beach Blast ( is a great kite surfing event that has
> chosen to support the Bounce Your Balls For Cancer campaign this year.
> They are planning to host a mass kite surfing stunt to raise awareness of
> testicular cancer (details to follow)
> We aim to host the Space Hopper football at the Yellow Wave
> (, the UKís first permanent beach sports venue
> We are looking for both teams and volunteers to help run the event, if you
> want to be part of this historic sporting event, please let us know by
> replying to this message or calling Glen on 07981 334222
> Picture the site, 100 Father Christmases on shiny space hoppers bouncing
> along the seafront.
> Do you want to be one of them?
> We are planning a Christmas fancy dress bounce on Hove lawns on Sunday 7th
> December 2008 at 12 noon. Register your support today by replying to this
> email
> We are beginning to plan an exciting calendar of events for 2009 which
> include extreme hopping, a mass hop world record attempt and a stage show.
> We are always looking for people who want to help out so if thatís you
> drop us a line
> Yours Hoppingly
> Glen Poole
> Head Bouncer
> Our online giving page has been neglected for a while so weíre going to
> revive it, but if you do want to give a few quid to Orchid, one of the
> charities we support, why not make a donation today at
> Oh and one more thing, why not help us grow this facebook group by
> inviting your friends to join. It's really simple, just visits the group
> homepage and click on the INVITE PEOPLE TO JOIN link
> --------------------
> To reply to this message, follow the link below:

to help others
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PostSubject: Re: ITV Productions - Testicular cancer   Fri Nov 12, 2010 9:10 am

I love this post - would like more like this - very uplifting. Robx

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ITV Productions - Testicular cancer
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