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 Youth Suicide

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PostSubject: Youth Suicide   Sat May 03, 2008 2:42 am

The Assembly today issued an appeal to member states to take a series
of measures aiding risk detection and prevention of child and teenage
suicide, including repeated attempts. "It is crucial that governments
recognise teenage suicide as a major public health problem and
implement appropriate health and welfare policies to prevent such
despairing acts," said Bernard Marquet (Monaco, ALDE), rapporteur of
the Social, Health and Family Affairs Committee, pointing out that
tens of thousands of teenagers commit suicide each year. In its
resolution adopted unanismously, the Assembly is also in favour of
stepping up measures to fight homophobia and stigmatisation of any
sexual lifestyle whatsoever, the report having revealed an especially
high suicide rate in the LGBT group of young people. In order counter
the promotion of suicide on the Internet, the PACE also encourages
members to disseminate targeted information and on-line assistance
concerning suicide. Among the various factors inherent in suicide, Mr
Marquet mentions the increase in risk behaviour, arising chiefly from
pacts or dares between young people. This is an altogether new
phenomenon as it means that suicide is no longer the outcome of
psychological or social factors but falls within a context of games.
Lastly, the rapporteur emphasises that it is necessary to provide
systematic psycho-social support measures with a view to preventing
repeat attempts, recalling that 15% of adolescents who have attempted
suicide will make a repeat attempt.
Resolution 1608

to help others
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Youth Suicide
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