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 How Authorities in the UK dealt with HIV/AIDS

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PostSubject: How Authorities in the UK dealt with HIV/AIDS   Tue May 20, 2008 9:29 am

A Pink Pasty Video

Andy was my partner for over seven years.

Part of the continuing campaign against homophobia within the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary
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PostSubject: transsexual's   Fri May 23, 2008 6:11 am

Can you exchange one life for another?

A caterpillar turns in to a beautiful butterfly

If a mindless insect could do it why couldnít I

My life began back in the 70ís I was born in 1975 all I remember of my childhood until 1980 is me my mum and my two sisters we lived in a nice house a felt loved and wanted my mum and dad separated when I was 5 and my life became hell as my mother met and married my step farther my step dad has as much compassion as a snake he was horrible in every which way the way could be explained,

I was hit at home and sent back to school with bruises all over my back he hit me a lot

I was sexually abused by a neighbour who did things to me that today makes me sick my step dad use to allow this guy to look after me Evan when I said he abused me because the police were called an no one believed me I reckon I got a beaten to cover up his own tracks

From when I was young I always loved culture club and Madonna nothing wrong with that I was a kid I had the Mickey taken out of me all the time

People would laugh and trip me up I dreaded going to school and wouldnít go a lot of the time school was like walking in to a war a kid called Lesley Harris used me as a punching bag and another kid did to I avoided going the usual route to school to avoid being hit I remember one lunch time laying in the school playground crying on the floor and not one teacher cared I think that why I was sent home for lunch

I played with dolls and was told to put them down before being slapped around the head being called sissy poof queer I was 6 or 8 I was petrified they only time I could play with dolls was when my step dad went to work then it was me and my mum and my two sisters

My mum took me to a psychiatrist and he said I was normal but I had no idea what was going on in my head but I hated boys things like football cars girls it was weird

When I was bathed with my sisters I found it odd how I wanted to be the last to get out that bath I didnít understand why my body didnít look like thereís

I use to have short hair so emulate long hair I would make towels on my head and pretend I had long hair

When my auntie look after me I would play with what make up my mum had I knew something inside of me wasnít right but how dose a child figure out why my auntie is only a few years older than me so she to me was my idol she use to take me to my grandmothers where she had culture club records I could listen to

My posters on my wall were drawn over and taken the Mickey out of

Some times I wouldnít eat at home as my step dad put a box around my sisterís head so we couldnít laugh I thought family laughed

For years he abused me and my two sisters my mum stood by and let him do it which made it worse she let him sexually and physically abuse us the mental torture still gets me to this day

At school I was sent home in break times for my own protection because I was bullied all the time beaten kicked punched Evan on my birthday I was bullied on the way home to

My childhood all filled with misery and pain and rejection I was put in to care when I was eleven and split up with my two sisters who I grew up with due to being in to care me and my sister was always running away from home now if a child is happy at home would they run away

While in care I was bullied kick punched pushed down stairs I stopped eating for a time due to fear of them putting horrible things in my food

Being made to stand with our hands on out head if we were naughty in our underwear made to stay in bed all weekend as punishment wasnít allowed out for months my sister was abused in out bathroom by a male baby sitter parents were racist to a black friend I had I had boys punch a kick me and call me names my sister got hit for getting her dress dirty I remember me and my sister sleeping on a roundabout to scared to go home we went home the next day after being told the police were looking for us we did all we could to stop being abused my my step dad I remember we tried to steal some money so we could run away but he found out and hung me up side down and said snifter dog look for the money my mother let him beat us she didnít care I went to school covered in bruises and marks there was porn stashed all over or house it was the first time id seen such a thing

Me and my sister went shop lifting because i wasnít allowed to play with dolls at home or I would be slapped around the head or sent to my room which Evan had the door handle taken of it so I couldnít come out of the room when he hit me the screams were so loud the neighbours could hear Iím more shocked no one did nothing to stop it I ran away from home quite a lot anything to stop being abused my shoplifting reached it climax when one day I was taken in to care

I was put in to care when I was 11 it was odd but at least I wasnít being hurt but then that all changed and it made home look like nothing punched , kicked , spat at kicked to the floor then a member of staff whacked me in the stomach this was social services the place that allowed me to take drugs , run away , sell my body , you name it they let me do it

i ran away with a girl named molly we stayed at one of her friends we had to hitch hike there and avoid the police while there we met this dirty man he lived ina caravan during the night he kept touching me and saying i like it but i remember that guy across the raod from my mums doing the same to me how could i like it this time i was 11 he tried to bugger me which was painfully i was a child my friend kept avoiding his demands on her i think she knew what he was like and took me there any way how could i enjoy that because i was feminine i was abused i reckon they thought i was up asking for it

Took lsd at 13 , took exactsy at 15 , doing cocaine at 19

My sexuality was a bizarre one for me I mean I liked girls but I didnít love them it was weird

They all just said I was camp gay boy , pansy , queer cunts , the usual intelligent stuff they really thought i hadnt thought all this for myself only thing was i wanted to dress as a woman not out of sexual kick but because to me i was always niccola evan from when i was young i knew exactly who i was i just didnt know what the word was in the big world but i sooon found it when i ran away to london after one of my foster parents won some money and i stole it all and ran away i know thats bad but i was 15 and i was fed up with people thinging they knew me and telling me what they thought i was i took a lot of money it was the most id ever seen but i still took it and today i feel deeply ashamed for what i did but you cant ever go back, i went to london mosy days when bunking of school it was better than doinf pe and there was no way i was takeing my clothes off

Hello, To Whom It May Concern I am writing after not really knowing what else to do my current living situation is really bad I went to the council and was told they didnít see me as high enough priority

I am transsexual I spent a yea in a refuge after fleeing domestic violence after being shot with a pistol with a screwdriver in it at my head, they said that I wasnít high enough priority this was in 2006 in the end they gave me £500 as a good will gesture to get a private rented place fast forward to 2007 I met a new partner who I had to have removed by the police from my property I was really scared I had the place called out 3 times to my address in less than a few months my address had a red marker on it for a while I went to the LGBT safety team who were fantastic they got me my band b back which turns out had never been taken away from me they wrote me a letter for which I never received Iím starting to think that no one knows what there doing in that council office i have been so many letters from the council for which i have never recieved

Iím due to go in to hospital for more agonizing surgery they said once again I wasnít high enough priority im haveing a really serious operation to correct a surgey i had before i was really loseing my mid at this point until I got the LGBT safety team evolved,

so what does it take for me to get a home here in Brighton I have a connection to Brighton since 1992 and can be proven by my doctor the council are so stupid they have asked me to get a letter from my surgeon to ask what kind of operation Iím having done and how it will effect my health how petty is that Iím sure if I went in there with a pillow tucked under my jumper they wouldnít ask a midwife when my baby was due, Brighton and hove council is failing the safety or all its LGBT people we donít want to live on rough estates for fear of being bullied attacked and vindicated I understand there is a shortest of housing but surely my connection since 1992 is something more solid then someone moving down two days ago

If it wasnít for the Brighton LGBT safety team id would have just given up the council has a duty to house me so Iím safe Iím on so much medication due from stress because I have been so through so much this is my current bidding status on band b I have no chance of being re homed

do i need to go in coverd in blood for them to listen to me im not safe , im not happy yet im being left in this situation im staring to feel i have no rights






Offered/Let Band

Offered/Let Priority


25 Jan 2008

1 bed Flat - Clarendon Villas, BN3 3RB





25 Jan 2008

1 bed Flat - Clarendon Road, BN3 3WX





25 Jan 2008

1 bed Flat - Walsingham Road, BN3 4FW




im so glad i live in brighton i now am housed but it wasnt easy in fact it well hell a local mp david leppar got me housed
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How Authorities in the UK dealt with HIV/AIDS
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